Reasons Why Winter is The Best Time To Do Your Remodel Project

If you’re thinking about a home remodeling project, here are 6 reasons why winter is be the best time to do your project:
1.    Contractor Availability
During the winter your contractor will have more time to work with you in planning and designing your project. This would be a good time for refining the details before the work begins. As the spring approaches Contractors scheduling will become increasingly full and less available.
2.    Project Scheduling
It is usually easier for contractors to schedule work in winter months especially if replacing flooring, updating lighting and plumbing are involved because the winter makes outside work less available. This frees up a contractor’s schedule for interior projects such as painting, floor replacement, repairing drywall, updating lighting and replacing cabinetry.
3.    Avoid Manufacturer Spring Price Increases
Now is the time to look for and take advantage of reduced prices. If you’re remodeling your home, you may find close-out prices on appliances and be able to purchase materials before manufacturers increase prices. Normally, we experience price increases for lumber products, windows and cabinet lines in the spring.  If you’re planning a basement remodeling project that includes a kitchenette, winter is the time to take advantage of pricing on appliances and cabinets before spring increase arrive.
4.    Clean-up
While some homeowners will wait until spring to remodel because of concerns about dust, fumes and areas for staging the work, current technologies and clean-up methods do control these problems. Fans with negative pressure, plastic zip doors, and sealing off heat ducts with a filter will contain dust, debris and fumes to the work area.
5.    Outside Projects
If the weather cooperates, you may be able to work with your contractor on outside projects to get ready for spring. While we wouldn’t recommend outside painting during the winter, we have built decks, porches and additions for our customers in winter.
6.    Permit Approvals
Cities and Counties are less busy in winter, which makes it easier and quicker to obtain necessary permits.